Our story is quite unique because this is the industry in which I (Darcy) was born and raised with. As a young girl, I can remember traveling all over the country with my family doing trade shows, showing off my daddy’s antler collection and listening to him “talk horns”. And let me tell you, my father has a few antler stories! I grew up thinking antlers were a common part of people’s lives. It wasn’t uncommon to come home and find a new rack in the office (which was then our family’s living room) and my dad with his “special” measuring tape scoring the antlers. In fact, it wasn’t until I moved away after college that I realized how unique and unordinary my childhood was and how majestic and special the “antler industry” truly is. My father has always been a crafty thinker with how he can sell antler products. We have knives, furniture, chandeliers, games, jewelry… you name it and they make it! But my new favorite… dog chews. At first when my dad told me he just had an order for dog chews I thought, “Well that makes complete sense that dogs love the antlers, but who would buy that?” Little did I know that everyone in their right mind who loves their pups would do exactly that!

So fast forward a couple of years… While in Georgia teaching 1st grade, I met and married this pretty awesome (and extremely ambitious) man who practices anesthesia. To say he’s the man of my dreams is a complete understatement. And, the best part about him is that my DAD APPROVED! So one day while they were sitting around and talking, my father suggested that my husband and I try to sell a few dog chews. I roll my eyes as my father brings this up because we all know that he is just trying to get us back to Montana (especially now that I have his grandchildren in Georgia). But to my surprise, my husband shows a lot of interest and starts asking some very intriguing questions. And I know right then and there what is about to happen. My husband’s wheels are turning. He loves antlers, loves the great outdoors and big sky of Montana. He’s in. So the next few months are spent researching marketing tools, internet domains, names, logos, and so on! But here we are, bringing the online world the products that I know and love. We are hoping to bring fun, unique pieces to homes around the country. We hope you enjoy your premier antler products and value them as much as we do!

With best wishes,

Darcy & Justin Davidson, and Family